Sept. 8, 2021, 1 a.m.

uoftpokerclub.com is a web poker client I created for the University of Toronto Poker Club, of which I am an executive.

On this website, members of my club can log in and play poker online.

This was created to accommodate for the new rules created by the university during COVID such as physical distancing and lockdowns.

This was created using Django for the web framework and Channels for asynchronous requests required for games such as poker.

Currently, only Texas Hold'em and tic tac toe games are supported on the website. Tic tac toe games were added as a test to see if the website works prior to creating a full-fledged poker client. While it is no longer needed, I decided to keep tic tac toe games in for fun.

No sketch or canvas libraries are used to display these. The game state is updated by editing DOM. This later proved painful. Future improvements of the site that I am currently working on is using the p5.js library. This library is a processing-like environment built on top of the HTML canvas framework.

The toughest part was displaying the game data. Implementing the system for asynchronous requests was a nightmare and took a long time to get right.

On the root page, some news is displayed although I do not really update it.

The career profit of each user is recorded on the corresponding user page.

The full source code is available on GitHub.